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About Adriatica Jewelry

I started to collect sea glass on a quiet beach in the Bahamas after a hurricane had ravaged a small island. Since then, collecting sea glass has been a favorite past time while walking on any beach in the world. Listening to the waves and the water rise up onto the beach is as soothing and peaceful to me as holding a piece of sea glass that has been naturally tumbled by the sea, salt and sand.

For the past five years I have been spending summers near the Adriatic coast of Italy. I enjoy taking long walks on the pebble beaches with my Bernese Mountain Dog who is happy to play in the water while I collect sea glass. I watch the calm water of the Adriatic flowing up to the beach and then receding as quickly as it arrived. It is at that moment that I catch a glimpse of something colorful, sparkling admist the Italian sunshine.

Patty Magie | Founder & Artist of Adriatica Jewelry

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